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James Gentes
Written by James Gentes

Robot Troubleshooting

Remotely diagnose problems with your robot as soon as they occur

If the system is unable to communicate with a robot, it is most likely a networking issue. Here are a few things to try to identify the cause of the problem:

  • Verify that a computer can ping both the sidekick IP and the robot IP. This verifies that both devices are on the same network subnet.
  • Double check the network configuration page of the robot. If the robot is configured to use DHCP, the IP may have changed recently.
  • Try to navigate to the robot's web server page by going to http://[add IP address of robot here] - this will confirm that the robot is accessible. If you see a prompt for authentication, please contact us.

To diagnose the status of a robot failure, navigate to the page to find the robots configured in the system.

Each robot has a View Logs button that will pull diagnostics from the robot and display them in a tree format.

Also, the robot detail page will show a timeline of events that will provide more detail if you click on an item in the activity log:

Refer to the robot documentation to diagnose the cause and remedy for alerts displayed here.