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James Gentes
Written by James Gentes

Robot Health Reports

Understand the cause of downtime and monitor servo health

The robot detail page includes a Health Report tab that helps you understand the performance of your robot over time:

To adjust which alarms are caclulated as Downtime vs. Uptime, click the 'Edit' button on a robot and specify the alarms to be excluded:

The report provides metrics from the last week of operation (ending Saturday @ midnight) and compares last week with the historical average of running time and downtime over the previous 6 weeks.

For servo current, the percentage of increase or decrease is listed for each axis. If the variation in current draw increases by more than 10% when compared to the average over the previous 6 weeks, it will indicate that an anomoly has been detected.

This report will be sent via email every Sunday morning for all robots. You must enable this report on your profile page:

Note that Email does not need to be selected for the reports to be sent.

The Daily Downtime Report is similar to the Weekly Health Report, however it does not include servo health information.