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James Gentes
Written by James Gentes

Network Requirements

Secure your robots by restricting network access to the Cellmate

The Cellmate requires an outbound TCP/IP connection to the robot using a physical cable or wifi. All inbound traffic can be denied by your firewall, preventing access to the device from the internet.

Tend requires the following ports to operate:

  • 443 TCP - Used to connect securely to using Transport Layer Security.
  • 123 UDP - For NTP time synchronization.
  • 53 UDP - For DNS name resolution.

If you'd like to whitelist the device, you can find the MAC address of the Cellmate in the UI:

We need access to these sites only:

The Tend app


Balena, our device management service




Bugsnag, for reporting errors

The Cellmate will rely on DHCP for IP address assignment, and it must be on the same network as the robot in order to monitor the status of the robot and retrieve logs. If you require a static IP, please contact us.

A typical setup includes an ethernet switch with 4 ports in each cell:

  1. Connection to local network or connectivity to the internet
  2. Connection to PLC (not required)
  3. Connection to Robot
  4. Connection to Cellmate

In addition to, or as an alternative to a physical connection, the Cellmate can use wifi for network connectivity.

How to turn on wifi in the Cellmate

To enable wifi support, remove any network cables from the device and power it up. It will automatically create a new wifi network called Tend Cellmate. If the network doesn't appear, you may need this USB wifi adapter.

Connect to the Cellmate's network and access the webpage that it is serving (usually on This will allow you to select a wifi network and provide a password for the Cellmate to connect to it with.

How to configure a static IP

Note: If you decide to use a static IP for the Cellmate, be sure the network has access to the internet. Otherwise, you must add another network connection, either through wifi or by attaching this USB ethernet adapter. Also, the static IP will be assigned to the built-in ethernet port, so you should use the other port (USB or wifi) for internet connectivity.

Click on 'Edit Cellmate' from the Cellmates page:

Here you can specify the details of the IP configuration for the device.