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James Gentes
Written by James Gentes

Cellmate Static IP Configuration

Tips on using a Static IP with a Cellmate

If you are having problems with a static IP, we hope these few points will help get things sorted out for you:

  1. Static IP only works with an ethernet port, not wifi.
  2. Avoid using the 10.10.10.x network ID if you plan to use VPN.
  3. If you are not connecting to the internet via the port with a static IP, do not assign a Gateway. Only assign an IP address and Subnet, as the Gateway will imply that the device should use this connection to access the internet and could cause it to fail as a result.
  4. If you are connecting to the internet via the port with a static IP, DNS is required, although you may not need to specify DNS servers. If you do not know which DNS servers to specify, start by leaving them empty, and if that doesn't work, try your Gateway IP or (Cloudflare DNS). Another option is Google's DNS servers at and
  5. After setting a static IP, the device will reboot and attempt to ping If it can't, it will automatically revert back to DHCP and switch into recovery mode. While in this mode, it will wait for 5 minutes in DHCP, giving you time to change the IP settings or switch back to DHCP permanently. If you do nothing, it will switch back to static IP and try again. If it cannot access the internet even with DHCP enabled, it will broadcast a wifi network with the name 'Tend Cellmate' and wait for 10 minutes for configuration before cycling back to static IP / DHCP.